BSD Projects and Open Source Tools

This page highlights the information about various BSD specific projects and Open Source tools for which Daemon Security is a part of. Project Github for Daemon Security:


Pulledpork is a Snort and Suricata rule management tool. Pulledpork allows users to update their IDS/IPS engines using any of the available rules sets available from Talos, Emerging Threats, etc.
Features and Capabilities

  • See the full list on github.

Hunter NSM

Hunter NSM is a modular platform for deploying network sensors. Instead of adding additional security vulnerabilities with the addition of numerous tools, Hunter provides a minimalist approach to achieving full network monitoring with Bro NSM and Snort IDS.
Features and Capabilities

  • Automates the installation of Snort or Bro on a FreeBSD server
  • Configures JSON output using ids-tools and Bro native JSON output to work with any type of logging tool.
  • Uses PulledPork to automate signature updates
  • Configures startup scripts to work with FreeBSD

FreeBSD 5 Minute Desktop install

A short script that sets up a minimal desktop with a web browser on FreeBSD 10.


Simple backup script to manage ZFS snapshots for filesystem backups.

Automated Snorby Install Script for FreeBSD

This shell script will work on a minimal install of FreeBSD with a single interface and a static IP, as well as an oinkcode for downloading Snort rules from

The following applications/servers will be installed:

Pulled Pork

Current Version: 0.4.6 (This is Alpha)
Download from github:
Old Version: 0.3.7 (Works with FreeBSD 8)
Download from here: